Dufner asks to watch Auburn instead of play Golf

Dufnering Auburn(Photo: Via @AUathletics)

Jason Dufner, 2013 PGA Championship winner, recently had a little scuffle with Tiger Woods on twitter. Dufner was a walk on for the golf team at Auburn University, where he won three times in his college career and was an Honorable Mention All-American in 1997. He graduated from Auburn in 2000 with a degree in economics. Dufner is also famous for marrying the only good looking woman to come from the University of Alabama.  He is most famous for coining his “Dufnering” move (shown in photo above in the athletics weight room) which set the social media world on fire. Dufner known for his true Auburn personality to come out on his twitter page had this to say to Tiger Woods:

Dufner tweet to Tiger WoodsDufner later said Tiger knew he was kidding. However, in all seriousness, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his caddie feeding him live in-game updates throughout the event this weekend. And if that wasn’t enough, they decided to give him a crimson-colored courtesy vehicle for this weeks event.

Crimson van for Dufner

Jason Dufner is by far one of the biggest Auburn fans around. He regularly spends time with the Auburn golf team and serves as a member of the greens committee at the AU Club here in Auburn, Alabama. His love for Auburn is consistently shown through his social media, so I guess we can let him slide for marrying a Bammer. All eyes will be on Auburn this weekend as we travel to Atlanta to face Mizzou in the SEC Championship, even a set of eyes on the golf course.


Not Sweet Home Alabama

AJ and Nick Hug(Photo: Dave Martin, AP)

Just when you think the fall out couldn’t get any worse for Alabama after numerous embarrassing PR stunts…A new website has been launched called http://www.firenicksaban.com

The website features articles about Alabama’s embarrassing loss in the 2009 Sugar Bowl, Tosh.0’s commentary on Nick Saban, numerous lists of teams Saban has never beaten, and my personal favorite “Top 5 Reasons Nick Saban would be great at Fairmount State.”

It’s like saying the name Voldemort in Harry Potter, but saying Nick Saban to Alabama fans these days. So Lord Saban it is. For now in Tuscaloosa.

Quite honestly, the Alabama fan base is just simply embarrassing. After the dreadful performance by Cade Foster, their kicker, in the Iron Bowl– the kid has to hide his twitter because of the death threats he’s getting from the Crimson Tide faithful. His teammates were the only ones standing up for him going to twitter to voice their concern for Alabama’s finest turning their back on the poor kid. Shown bellow was Cade Foster’s twitter page only moments after the Iron Bowl was over on Saturday…

cade foster twitter black out

Today, for the first time, Cade Foster actually changed his twitter back and broke the social media hideout from Crimson Tide Nation. Posting this tweet:

Cade Foster tweet

You would think that the Tide fan base would be satisfied with 3 national championships with Nick. This season they could’t even fill the student section because it was too boring to go to the game due to blowouts. So they ended up suspending seats. Now that Alabama has slipped up against a team (Auburn) that they seemed not to care about, it’s like nothing ever happened the past few years. Nothing matters.

In all honesty, I don’t think that Nick Saban will go to Texas. However, with the way things are going for the ball coach, I wouldn’t be surprised if these talks were more than just rumors. Besides, we all know Nicky is going to miss his boyfriend AJ McCarron too much anyways. If there ever was a time for Nick Saban to leave the University of Alabama and all its glorious tattooed enthusiasts, the time is now. The true classless fan base of Alabama truly makes me thankful to be a student at Auburn University; A true fan of the Auburn family. I don’t think I could put up with a group of people who completely sell out their own team and coach after one minor mishap or game. But it’s clear that Bammers have a bad taste of Sugar in their mouth after Utah really shoved it down their throats. They don’t need another whooping this year either.

So what’s your thoughts on the situation? Alabama clearly won’t be playing for the national championship this year unless Ohio State, Florida State, and Auburn all loose this weekend- which won’t happen. The BCS era comes to a close this season with the 4 team playoff being implemented for the next and beyond- which means coaching will become the ever more important with more games to be played for top tier teams. We watched a 2010 Auburn team achieve greatness, then hit mediocre, then hit flat embarrassing. Chiz was then fired from the Plains, but it seems though that a trip to the Sugar Bowl and a last second loss to Auburn is a deep enough desire to fire Saban. Makes sense to me, right? Heck no.

Bama nation has gone ary and they’re truly showing their crimson pride for all it’s worth. The uneducated patty flippers are really showing out this time around. If there was anyone to be blamed and fired for their loss at Jordan Hare, I would start with the special teams coach. But hey, maybe Kirby Smarts arrival to the head coaching job at Bama is closer than we may think. Nick Saban has made it very clear that he is too old to move to any other school, but history tends to tell a different wrinkle when it comes to Nick Saban denying a coaching change.

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Twas the night after Auburn

Aubie Christmas

“Twas the night after Auburn and all through the land, not a “Roll Tide” was uttered by a crimson tide fan. They used to be boisterous, they used to be loud, they used to be boastful, and cocky and proud. But they lost all their swagger, they lost all their swing. For one little second had changed everything. The score it was even. The clock had run dry. When Ole Nicholas Saban started to cry. He demanded a second be put on the clock. The worse that could happen? A miss or a block. But fate it is fickle, and greed has a price, and what happened next just wasn’t too nice. The previous kicks, wide left and wide right. So he put in a rookie,

‘Twas not very bright. The kick was a boomer of 56 yards, but the extra yard needed was not in the cards. And back in the end zone a lone Tiger stood. He caught that ol’ football, he caught it real good. He started to run, he heard the cheers grow. The Crimson Tide offense? Too fat and too slow. One hundred and nine he ran for a score. If needed he could have run one hundred more. The crowd it erupted while storming the field. The Crimson Tide’s season was settled and sealed. A cry of “War Eagle” soon echoed the plains. Ole Nicholas Saban’s expression was one of pure pain. And up in Ohio they shouted “Go Bucks” For it gave hope to all except for the Ducks. And in Tuscaloosa you could hear a pin drop. And in Tallahassee a tomahawk chop. For the night after Auburn the Tide does not roll. The new boss in town wears garnet and gold.”

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What More?

An open letter to all college football fans and associated press around the world.

What more do you want from Auburn?

With the BCS rankings still leaving Auburn as the third best team in the country, what more do we have to do? Lay aside all of our personal bias, lay aside your alma mater, and lay aside everything that is keeping you from preventing something special.

What more do you want? We have competed against five top twenty five teams this season. We have defeated college footballs greatest player on his own field in College Station, Texas. We have come from behind in the pouring rain to barely come up short in the toughest stadium in the nation. We defeated a healthy Georgia football team on 4th and 18, while also stopping one of this years top QB prospects from scoring on us. But more than anything, we have defeated the monster. We have defeated Goliath, the 3 time national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. When no news anchor outside of Auburn, Alabama even gave us a chance to even run the ball against them. Alabama was the number one defense in all of college football entering the Iron Bowl, they are now fifth.

What more do you want? When are you going to wake up to see a group of men that have come from the most embarrassing season in Auburn history that are stronger than ever? When are you going to open your eyes and accept that this Auburn team plays with a passion, a desire for something more. This isn’t 2012 anymore, please stop treating us like we are simply a team of luck. The 2013 Auburn Tigers are nothing but pure determination and talent. Explain to me how Auburn can put up a few yards short of 300 against a defense you said wouldn’t allow more than 100.

In case you missed it, the game was tied as Alabama sent out their kicker with one-second remaining on the clock. They weren’t winning. So stop treating us like we don’t deserve that win, that it was a fluke, or a mistake that Auburn won. Sure, Alabama should have been able (in theory) to tackle Chris Davis…But they didn’t. We were bound for overtime, not a loss with that kick. Auburn won out, Auburn played an entire 4 quarters to get them to that moment in time. We made plays throughout the entire game and scored when you said we couldn’t.

Go try and tell 87,451 fans in that stadium that the fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds they saw was a fluke or a mistake.

How dare you try to take away the hard work and perseverance it takes our football team to come back after a 2012 season. These players have grown from boys to men in less than a year.

How dare you take away the sweat, blood, and agony these players go through day in and day out to fight for Auburn.

This team is nothing but special, destined for greatness. But for your own self-serving reasons, you won’t accept it. You won’t accept that Auburn Tiger football is back, back to being a Championship caliber team. But maybe, just maybe…You can’t understand how a team could go from being so bad to so good- yet neither can we.

But the difference is Auburn University isn’t built around a football team. Auburn University is built around a family- a group of people that care. Auburn University is built around a line in our creed that states “I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.” We aren’t built around how many tickets we sell, how many jerseys, car logos, or memorabilia we can put into the homes around the United States. We are built around love, truthfulness, and obedience to something bigger than ourselves- the Auburn Family.

So next week when we travel to Atlanta to play Mizzou. Stop and take a second to look around. Don’t listen to what the TV commentators are saying, don’t listen to the radio, and don’t read the papers. Stop and look at the passion that our team plays with. Stop and look at the fans in the stands cheering their heart out for a team that they couldn’t be more proud of. Stop and look at the student section to see a group of people who would’t be anywhere else than in the stands when their team is playing. Not because they’re a sports team, but because those players are a part of our family.

So again, what more do you want to see? This is Auburn and we are here to stay in the spotlight. Gus Malzahn won’t accept anything less for our team and neither will we.

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