Twas the night after Auburn

Aubie Christmas

“Twas the night after Auburn and all through the land, not a “Roll Tide” was uttered by a crimson tide fan. They used to be boisterous, they used to be loud, they used to be boastful, and cocky and proud. But they lost all their swagger, they lost all their swing. For one little second had changed everything. The score it was even. The clock had run dry. When Ole Nicholas Saban started to cry. He demanded a second be put on the clock. The worse that could happen? A miss or a block. But fate it is fickle, and greed has a price, and what happened next just wasn’t too nice. The previous kicks, wide left and wide right. So he put in a rookie,

‘Twas not very bright. The kick was a boomer of 56 yards, but the extra yard needed was not in the cards. And back in the end zone a lone Tiger stood. He caught that ol’ football, he caught it real good. He started to run, he heard the cheers grow. The Crimson Tide offense? Too fat and too slow. One hundred and nine he ran for a score. If needed he could have run one hundred more. The crowd it erupted while storming the field. The Crimson Tide’s season was settled and sealed. A cry of “War Eagle” soon echoed the plains. Ole Nicholas Saban’s expression was one of pure pain. And up in Ohio they shouted “Go Bucks” For it gave hope to all except for the Ducks. And in Tuscaloosa you could hear a pin drop. And in Tallahassee a tomahawk chop. For the night after Auburn the Tide does not roll. The new boss in town wears garnet and gold.”

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22 thoughts on “Twas the night after Auburn

  1. “Come from behind in a pouring rain to barely come up short in the toughest stadium in the nation”. This is hilarious!! I was at that game in in sprinkled/misted for about the first half then stopped raining entirely. You lost by 2 touchdowns and should have bee three but we put in the entire second string defense on the last Auburn series, check that out if you don’t believe me, and you scored the proverbial trash touchdown you see in blowouts. If 2 touchdowns is almost coming back you may need to rethink that. The stats were so lopsided it looked like Auburn was a FCS school.

    • Stats were lopsided? You’re hating on yourself then. Auburn put up 437 yards against LSU, so if that’s what FCS school’s can do to LSU…I think you need a new team. LSU only had 20 more total yards than Auburn did that game. You might want to rethink what game you were watching because I’m quite certain we aren’t talking about the same game.

      LSU is a good team and I am not discounting them considering Auburn hasn’t won in Death Valley since 1999. I’m sorry your butt hurt over LSU’s disappointment of a season. However, nobody gave Auburn a chance in that game and we did more than our part to prove we were above the expectation. Everyone can agree that if we replayed that game right now the outcome would be totally different.

  2. ‘Twas the night after Auburn and all through the land, A heartfelt “Roll Tide” was shouted by Crimson Tide fans. They used to be unbeaten, they were so used to winning, but they knew this game would be tough from the very beginning. They practiced all day, prepared for a fight. All their hard work came down to one night. The score it was even. The clock had run out. But the time on the clock was put into doubt. One more second was placed on the clock. Overtime was imminent, all the fans thought. But coach wanted to kick, a nail-biter indeed, all Bama need was a good kick for 3. The team was a little off their game that night. So he put in a rookie hoping to fight. The kick looked good, or at least pretty close, and for just a moment the stadium froze. But an Auburn player was there in just the right spot, he caught that football and began to trot. 5 yards, 10 yards, 20 yards, gone. The game was over and Auburn had won. Suddenly the tigers had a spring in their step, they’d clenched the West, their biggest win yet. But something much bigger and better happened then. The Crimson Tide nation didn’t whine they didn’t win. Many a “Roll Tide” could be heard that eve, Bama didn’t just turn around and grieve. Sure they lost the game, sure it wasn’t fun, But sweet home Tuscaloosa had already won. There’s much more to life than winning a game, and knowing life goes on helps ease the pain. For sometimes in life you’re faced with a loss, that hurts much deeper and has a much higher cost. Their allegiance and pride were put to the test, but Tide player Amari Cooper then said it best, There’s too many people in this world experiencing real pain, for me to hold my head down after losing a football game. Does Bama wanna win? Sure! Is losing no fun? You bet. But April 27th was as tough as it gets. When a monstrous storm ripped through the state, Tuscaloosa was hit and the damage was great. Many lives lost, many souls hurt. But then something big happened and T-town started to work. They all joined together and rebuilt their town. It was easier to smile than it was to frown. The moral of the story is easily found, there’s much more to life now in this college football town. There’s so much more than dead trees, bad kicks, and the Bear. Cause honestly life is never played fair. So congratulations to Auburn, represent our state with pride. But if you’re waiting to hear us cry, you won’t. All you’ll hear is passionate ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!

  3. The first time I saw this it ended differently. Maybe I’m confused, but I’m not sure what garnet and gold has to do with Auburn? – “For the night after Auburn, the Tide has no clue. The new boss in town wears Orange and Blue!” Also, the credit I originally saw for the author was Chuck Porretto. Just thought you might like to know! WAR EAGLE!!!

      • Too bad FSU NEVER played a team worth a damn!! Just like Alabama they paid their teams and then played high school teams of the blind, If you are the DEFENDING CHAMPS, how come your schedule was HARD???

  4. This poem is pure creative genius. It can only be improved upon by a slightly altered ending: “For the night after Auburn, only one thing is true. The new boss in town wears orange and blue!” 😉

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